Rene Angelil
Rene Angelil was born January 16th, 1942 in Montreal, Quebec. Angelil was a Canadian singer and manager. He was a pop singer in Montreal in the 1960s,and eventually formed a band called Les Baronets. Following the split of the group, he began managing other artists in the music industry. He began managing singer Celine Dion in the 1980s. Their success together led to him earning the Felix Award for manager of the year. He and Dion married in 1994. The couple had three sons together. In 1998 Angelil was diagnosed with throat cancer, but made a full recovery after receiving surgery. In 2013 he underwent further surgery, and in 2014 he stepped down as Dion's manager to focus on his health. He passed away on January 14th, 2016 from throat cancer. He is survived by his wife, their sons, and three other children from previous marriages.
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